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Umbrella Insurance

You already have basic insurance, but what happens when it is not enough? You then can use umbrella insurance which covers things the other policies either do not cover or do not cover well enough. Basic flood insurance is often inadequate, so umbrella insurance covers the balance. The Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Services of Texas can offer you reputable, competitive insurance policies. We are your one-stop location for all your insurance.

While we offer various types of vehicle, home, and life insurance, what is most important is our umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is the often forgotten, yet necessary, part of your insurance portfolio. People can be in accidents that could have long-term consequences such as bodily injury and legal disputes. Depending upon the type you purchase, it can give you extra protection against property damage, rental unit damage, legal defense, false arrest, libel, and other problems. We can help you get great umbrella coverage!

Our insurance services division, wholly owned by the Gulf Coast Educators FCU, is also a subsidiary of CUFG, a much larger Texas insurance company. With these business connections, you can rest assured that we are not running a small operation unable to help you in the times of your greatest need. CUFG is also backed by reinsurance agencies, so if a regional disaster strikes, we still can cover you.

When you come into our credit union offices to handle your financial needs, you can also save time by utilizing our insurance offerings. Texan educators are busy people. That is why we exist, to take some normal loads of life off your shoulders. If you have not checked out our financial services, ask about those too. Our umbrella insurance can also give you extra peace of mind in today’s increasingly complex legal environment. We exist to serve and protect you, so come in and talk to us today.

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