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Did you know that Texas is one of the best states to own an RV in? That's right — in Texas, RV ownership is made easy with RV sales lots all over the state, bountiful camper parking sites and low vehicle registration fees. There are also so many places to drive to and explore; from the Gulf Coast beach towns to the rolling inland hills to the Western desert landscape.

But no matter how much time you plan to spend in your RV, you'll want to protect your investment with a good insurance policy. At Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Services, we're ready to equip you and your RV with the coverage you need so you can hit the road worry-free! Keep reading to learn more about RV insurance and how coverage is determined in the Lone Star State:

In Texas, RV Insurance is Mandatory

If you own or drive an RV in Texas, you will need to get it properly insured before you hit any public roadways. State law requires your RV (or camper or trailer) to meet certain insurance liability coverage minimums in the areas of property damage, maximum overall injury and maximum injury for each person involved. Now, the exact amount of coverage you need may vary based on the type of RV you own, your driving record, where you plan to take your vehicle and where it will be stored when not in active use.

RV Classifications

The kind of insurance coverage your RV needs will also depend on its classification. Common classifications for RVs in Texas include the following:

  • Class A - The largest RVs (also includes old buses converted into motorhomes). These may be both transportation vehicles and regular homes. The cab/driver's area is included in the main body.
  • Class B - These are smaller versions of Class A motorhomes.
  • Class C - Although comparable to Class A RVs in size, these have a step-down cab that may have an extended living section set above.
  • Truck campers - An independent camper unit that sits on the bed of a pick-up truck during transportation (the truck will have itself own separate insurance policy).
  • Trailer campers - A camper unit that is towed behind a truck or other vehicle (the towing vehicle will have a separate insurance policy, but it is still wise to get RV insurance to protect your property).

Ready to learn more about your RV insurance options or simply have a few questions? Reach out to us today at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Services!

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