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Home Insurance

The best way to protect a home in Texas from unexpected losses and damage is through homeowner's insurance. There are several reasons why having a good homeowner's policy is beneficial, and an agent with Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Services can explain more.

Insurance regulations

While the state of Texas does not specifically require homeowners to purchase coverage, it may be required by a lender or bank while a home is mortgaged. Most policies protect against damage from severe weather, fire, vandalism, and theft to prevent the homeowner from being left with a large bill for repairs. However, it is important to ask your insurance provider about the specifics of your policy as things like damage from pests and flooding are almost never covered under standard policies.

The types of losses which are covered

There are also six types of coverage under Texas homeowner's insurance policies. These include coverage of the home or dwelling itself, coverage for personal property and items inside the home, protection for other structures around the property, loss of usage coverage if you need to live outside the home temporarily, liability coverage if someone else is injured on your property and medical payments for any treatment that is needed. While this may seem like a lot of different kinds of losses, there are still particular situations that can create confusion or disputes.

Consumer rights

Texas also has regulations where people who purchase insurance are given a consumer bill of rights to make sure they understand their policy. This is done as a form of protection against insurance companies trying to make false statements or illegally deny coverage.

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